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Program & Replays

The live summit is over. However, you can still get the recordings and transcripts of all the summit sessions. Upgrade to receive unlimited access to the inspiration, resources, and powerful practices presented by the experts featured in the Mystics Summit series.

Thousands of people like you from around the globe have immersed themselves in the sacred wisdom of mystics past and present, gleaning insights from their stories, poetry, music, and more. 

Throughout this landmark series, you’ll receive not only gems of wisdom from the ancient mystics, but also practices that can put you in touch with this mystical lifeline to your own timeless essence.

You’re invited to discover how you can unlock your own ecstatic internal guidance, satisfying your desire to reconnect in a mystical union with the Divine. 

You’ll be in good hands with series hosts Mike Morrell, an author and founding organizer of contemplative community events... and Carmen Acevedo Butcher, PhD, an award-winning author of creative nonfiction and contemporary translations of sacred literature.

Enjoy this illuminating series!