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The Way of the Mystics and Journey Into the Divine

Broadcast on June 30, 2023
With Fr. Larry Gosselin
Hosted by James Twyman

In this intriguing and enlightening session, join Fr. Larry Gosselin, OFM, as he delves into the profound exploration of the deeper calling of mysticism.  Step into the extraordinary lives of renowned mystics such as St. Francis, St. Clare, Mother Theresa, Agnes of Prague, Joseph of Cupertino, Padre Pio, and Father Richard Rohr. You'll journey through their remarkable stories, unraveling the wisdom, devotion, and spiritual encounters that defined their lives.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The true essence of mysticism and uncover the divine calling that resides within each of us
  • The secrets of the mystics as you embark on a transformative exploration of their timeless wisdom
  • How faith can be a powerful force in your life as it was with the mystics
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Fr. Larry Gosselin

Fr. Larry Gosselin, OFM, is a Franciscan friar from the Province of Saint Barbara (soon to be the Province of Guadalupe) — he's also a “friar of the world.” Fr. Larry seeks to know and love others more deeply in the spirit of Christ and St. Francis of Assisi, and this desire to walk in their footsteps has brought him to many lands and peoples, where he's shared his message of peace and love.

Fr. Larry Gosselin