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Embodying Grace in Every Moment: What Does it REALLY Take to Actualize Your Deepest Prayers Where it Matters Most?

Broadcast on June 30, 2023
With Miranda Macpherson
Hosted by James Twyman

Grace is not just a beautiful state that opens you to the profound nature of what is and who you really are. The point of mystical openings is not just for some of us to access inner freedom and fulfillment — but for those openings to change us from the inside out, so that we can come from love, inner peace, and wisdom in every moment of life. Miranda Macpherson (Rev) will speak to our highest potential as human beings, and share how grace can help us rise to the occasion where it matters most.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to taste the possibility that your human vessel is much more than it seems and that you are actually a grace-delivery-device
  • Ego relaxation supports you to become a human fountain pouring your qualities of essence out into the world
  • An experiential meditation practice on being the embodiment of grace
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Miranda Macpherson

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Kirtan Musician

Miranda Macpherson has been guiding others into direct experience of the sacred for over thirty years. In her twenties, she founded the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London, where she trained and ordained over 600 ministers and counselors. Today Miranda leads the Living Grace Global Sangha, leads retreats internationally, serves as core faculty at The Shift Network, and is an advisor to the Association for Spiritual Integrity.

Miranda’s books include The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation... Boundless Love... Meditations on Boundless Love... and the Cultivating Grace card deck. She is also a kirtan musician with two mantra albums... Streams of Grace and The Heart of Being. Unapologetically feminine, joyful, and down to earth in her way of being, Miranda is dedicated to loving people all the way back into the freedom and wholeness of their true natures.

Miranda Macpherson