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Mystical Poetry Hour

Broadcast on June 28, 2023
With Gabrielle Herbertson & Maya Luna
Hosted by Mirabai Starr

This session was specially curated by beloved former summit host and author Mirabai Starr. She invited contemporary mystical poets Gabrielle Herbertson and Maya Luna to join her for this sacred exploration into the deep and timeless tradition of using words to create a mystic state so you can connect directly with The One. Together they read and reflect on one another’s poems, and review a selection of moving poetry from ancient mystics, including the 14th century Kashmiri poet Lalla.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • We don’t heal our wounds, but our wounds can heal us
  • How mystical poetry knocks on the door of your heart
  • The unexpected contemporary forms that can arise from the deep wellspring of mystic poetry
The views expressed are specific to the author/speaker and may vary from the perspectives of The Shift Network's participants, staff, or other speakers.
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Gabrielle Herbertson

Retreat Coordinator, Poet, Practitioner

Gabrielle Herbertson grew up in the American East, leaving at age twenty on an inner quest leading west. The mysterious bond with writing began in her childhood with thick-pencil stories of fairies and orphans, plus dictation her incredible mom took down of little rhymes warbled before sleep. As a teenager in upstate New York, keeping a journal probably saved her life. In college in Ohio, alone in the bookstore, she discovered what poetry was, and has not yet recovered. There, writing in earnest, wearing only purple, she became part of the cafe and poetry-reading scene. She came of age in the cauldron of war protests, LSD, communes, The Beatles, and the advent of Eastern paths of spirit.

In the great pilgrimage of seekers of the seventies, she found true home in the mountains of northern New Mexico, and settled into a deep life of spirit, family, and community. For several decades, she worked in various alternative schools in Taos, telling stories, writing with children and young people, and teaching literature, cultural history, and the truth of myth.

She remains there, up against the mountains, where she helps tend a retreat center, practices a braid of spiritual paths made of Tibetan Buddhism, mystic Christianity, western esotericism, and the divine feminine, and where she writes—poetry, creative essay, the rare story, a children's book now published — for love and witness and weaving the new gown of the world from every kind of thread.

Maya Luna

Poet, Artist and Teacher of Feminine Wisdom

Maya Luna is a poet and teacher of lost Feminine Wisdom. She is a devotee and steward of the dynamic, ancient, living frequency of the primordial mother known as Inanna. She has one book of poetry, OMEGA: Feral Secrets of the Deep Feminine and two spoken word poetry albums, Holy Darkness: A Tantric Opus and Holy Grail: Her Resurrection. She teaches online and worldwide and is the creator of the Deep Feminine Mystery School, an emergent body of work centering on the spiritual revelations of immanence and incarnation.

Gabrielle Herbertson & Maya Luna