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Mysticism and Oracle Cards: Harnessing the Power of Divination

Broadcast on June 26, 2023
With Colette Baron-Reid
Hosted by James Twyman

In this session, Colette Baron-Reid will explore the mystical practice of divination using oracle cards. She will discuss the history and evolution of divination, providing insights into how oracle cards can be used to connect with the spiritual realm to access higher guidance. Colette will also offer an experiential process, a meditation to move from identification with the ego to the mystical witness self, to give you a taste of the mystical power of oracle cards.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The history and evolution of divination and how it relates to mysticism
  • How to use oracle cards to access higher guidance
  • The mystical power of oracle cards through a meditation that takes you from identification with the ego to the witness self
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Colette Baron-Reid

Oracle Expert

Colette Baron-Reid is a bestselling author, internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual intuitive, personal transformation thought leader, business strategist, artist, educator, and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council. She's founder of The Oracle School Experience®, OraclePalooza®, and the DreamQuest Platinum Mastermind. 

She also hosts Inside the Wooniverse, a weekly podcast series that features her in authentic, intelligent, and playful conversation with some of the world’s most interesting sages, scientists, and celebrities. With her warmth, infectious laugh, and intelligent personality, Colette’s conversations are inviting, hilarious, and always thought-provoking.

Author of 15 bestselling Oracle card decks, with over a million sold worldwide, and 7 books published in 27 languages, Colette's greatest joy is teaching people that they can have a direct and personal dialog with the Universe to help them create their most fulfilling lives. 

Colette Baron-Reid