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Seeding the Healed Future

Broadcast on June 30, 2023
With Rebeccah L. Bennett
Hosted by Taya Mâ Shere

According to Rebeccah L. Bennett​, seeding “The Healed Future” reflects on how the sacred and the secular are inextricably intertwined for African diaspora public mystics who conspire with the Divine to transform the realities of their times and sow healed futures for us all. For mystics in this lineage, spiritual development is most powerfully shaped not by the tranquility of retreats, but in the fierce urgency of the streets — on the frontlines of life with its miracles, madness, magic, and mess.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • We open to our spiritual capacities when societal fires rage, and oppressions incinerate our illusions and alight something sovereign 
  • The unconquerable power within us is an emanation of the creative life force bringing us into right relationship with ourselves  
  • When we learn to see the power within ourselves, we awaken our capacity to see it in others, and change how we relate with life 
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Rebeccah L. Bennett

Founder, InPower Institute

Rebeccah L. Bennett is a serial community builder and social entrepreneur.  In the past two decades, she has founded Emerging Wisdom, a St. Louis-based community and organizational development consulting firm... InPower Institute — an operating foundation committed to community healing and wellbeing... the Black Healers Collective — a community of practice that advances the healing and wholeness of African diaspora peoples... and Spirit Rising — a spiritual community that supports its members’ spiritual growth and liberation. Through these communities, she has formed an alliance of healers, visionaries, change agents, culture bearers, activists, educators, faith leaders, mental and physical health providers, and wellness practitioners who co-create healing spaces that advance personal wellbeing, community transformation, and cultural renewal.

Rebeccah L. Bennett