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Jewish Mysticism and Healing the Broken Vessels

Broadcast on June 27, 2023
With Rabbi David Ingber
Hosted by Taya Mâ Shere

Join renowned Rabbi David Ingber, as he explores the Jewish mystical concept of tikkun, or healing, through the lens of the great Jewish mystic Rabbi Isaac Luria. Immerse yourself in understanding the practice of awareness and blessing as a tool for connecting with the sacred. Learn about the four worlds of Jewish mysticism, and experience meditation for opening the heart.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Kabbalistic views for how healing happens
  • The power of blessings, awareness practice, and the Four Worlds
  • An experiential meditation for opening the heart
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Rabbi David Ingber

Founding Rabbi, Romemu and Senior Director of Jewish Life, 92NY

Rabbi David Ingber serves as the founding rabbi of Romemu, the largest Renewal synagogue in the United States, and also as senior director of Jewish Life at The Bronfman Center at 92NY. Rabbi Ingber founded Romemu in NYC in 2006, following his ordination by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Jewish Renewal movement. Over the past 17 years, Romemu has grown into a weekly home for thousands of people, including a growing membership of over 1,000 at its two physical locations (Manhattan and Brooklyn), plus a growing online global membership. David also serves on the faculty for the Wexner Heritage Program and the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America and Israel, and was an AJWS Global Justice Fellow. He's lectured extensively on the topics of spirituality, theology, Jewish mysticism, prayer, and meditation. 

David's distinct approach to Torah, rabbinical teaching, and ritualistic practice is informed by his own personal seeking and learning from a wide cross section of sacred traditions and faiths. He's enlightened by Jewish mysticism and Chassidut, fusing these beliefs with those of other ancient philosophies and world views. Particular influences include 18th century Kabbalist and founder of Chassidut, Rabbi Yisrael Ba’al Shem Tov... the great 19th century Ishbitzer Rebbe... R. Mordechai Leiner... and leading 20th century thinkers, from Kabbalist Rav Abraham Isaac Kook to psychologist Carl Jung.

David has taught at such eminent institutions as the Academy for Jewish Religion, Columbia University, CUNY, Jewish Theological Seminary, Limmud LA, New York University, the 92nd Street Y, Pardes, The Skirball Center at Temple Emmanuel, and Yeshivat HADAR. He sits on the board of directors of Aleph and Synagogue 3000 Next Dor’s Working Group of Sacred Emergent Communities, where he continues to teach. Raised Modern Orthodox, David studied at several distinguished yeshivot in Jerusalem and New York including Yeshiva University, Beit Midrash L’Torah, Yeshivat Chaim Berlin, and Yeshivat Chovovei Torah Rabbinical School. He also studied philosophy, psychology, and religion at New York University. Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of Renewal Judaism, ordained David in 2004. Prior to founding Romemu, David was Rabbi-in-Residence at Elat Chayyim Retreat Center.

Rabbi David Ingber