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Heart Medicine

Broadcast on August 18, 2022
With Juliet Rania
Hosted by Mike Morrell

The Sufi way is a devotional path of love and intimacy with the Divine. According to Juliet Rania, Sufi practice, including Zikr (remembrance), reconnects us to our inherent belonging. Through spiritual transmission, a seeker connects to a golden chain linking mystic heart to mystic heart, through time and space leading one back to a unitive vision of Divine reality.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The spiritual technologies and ritual practices of the Turkish and Persian Sufi mystics, including Rumi
  • A spiritual transmission to open the spiritual heart, the locus of union between Lover and Beloved
  • Sufi sound codes and meditation to unlock inner states of spiritual awareness
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Juliet Rania

Representative of Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Community

Juliet Rania is a speaker, educator, ritualist, and spiritual representative of Shaykha Fariha Fatima of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi lineage. She is the founder of The Source, ‍a wellness community located in Woodstock, New York. She has taught at various venues throughout New York including the U.N. General Assembly, Barnard College, Cathedral St. John the Divine, New York Open Center, The Abode of the Message, Omega Institute, and Sacred Arts Research and Deepak Chopra Homebase at ABC Carpet and Home. She teaches Sufi spiritual technologies such as chanting, whirling, and frame drumming both privately and in groups. She is a ritual leader in the Italian shamanic tradition of the Black Virgin and has apprenticed under Alessandra Belloni for over a decade. She is also a vocalist and percussionist in several ensembles including Persian Music Ensemble and American Sufi Project and NY Arabic Orchestra. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from New School University and a Master’s Degree from Sarah Lawrence College.

Juliet Rania