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How to Have Spiritual and Mystic Experiences: The Essential Secrets and Strategies of Mystics Through the Ages

With Dr. William Bloom
Hosted by Carmen Acevedo Butcher, PhD

Throughout history in all spiritual traditions, people exist who experience profound, beautiful, and consciousness-expanding events as they connect deeply with the mystery, wonder, love, & energy of cosmic life. In our global village of shared knowledge and wisdom, Dr. William Bloom explores how to perceive the universal practices and concepts that open anyone to mystic experiences. In this inspiring conversation, we discuss everyday ways that you can initiate, manage, and guide these experiences.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Spiritual and mystic experiences are accessible and natural for everyone whatever your background and beliefs
  • How the loving energy of the cosmos can be guided by your consciousness to fuel your wellbeing and serve others
  • That your purpose here on Earth is to develop connection with Spirit, compassion for all life, and expanded consciousness
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Dr. William Bloom

Author, Educator & Practitioner of Metaphysics, Shamanism & Spirituality

Dr. William Bloom is one of the UK’s leading educators and authors in the field of spirituality and wellbeing. He's director of the Spiritual Companions Trust, which pioneered the first UK government-approved course in spirituality and health. His background includes a 2-year off-grid retreat in the High Atlas mountains of southern Morocco.

His many books include Psychic Protection... Working With Angels... Fairies And Nature Spirits... The Sacred Magician... The Endorphin Effect... and The Power of the New Spirituality. He is on the faculty of the Findhorn Foundation, Europe’s leading eco-spiritual center, and a trustee of Glastonbury Abbey. He has delivered many trainings in the hospice sector, especially around the practices of supporting the transfer of consciousness.

Dr. William Bloom