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Spiritual Practices for Modern Day Mystics

Broadcast on August 17, 2022
With Rev. Dr. Hillary D. Raining
Hosted by Mike Morrell

We are living in a moment of great cultural and spiritual change. At times, it can feel like there are countless factors working against us to add stress to our lives. Yet, in our spiritual traditions we have a great wellspring of practices that can ground us in the Holy Spirit if we turn to them. In this presentation, Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining will invite us to explore some of these old and new practices that can bring wisdom and joy to our souls.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Every 500 years, there are huge shifts in society and spirituality
  • When these shifts happen, mystics rise up to meet the spiritual needs of their times
  • Their linage has left us with deep tools to keep our souls at peace in these shifting times
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Rev. Dr. Hillary D. Raining

Episcopal Priest, Author, Founder of The Hive, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining wears many hats. She is an Episcopal priest and rector of St. Christopher Episcopal Church in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania (the first woman to serve in this role). She is also a founder of The Hive, a home for wellness, spirituality, and growth. She is founding director of the doctor of ministry program at the General Theological Seminary in New York City and the current director of the Center for Christian Spirituality. She is a member of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Native Americans and a published author of several books and peer review journal articles. She recently published an article in The Anglican Theological Review on “blood memory and gratitude as a multi-lineage spiritual practice.”  Hillary earned her doctor of ministry from Drew University, her master of divinity from Yale University and the Institute of Sacred Music, and a bachelor of arts in Religion and Psychology from Moravian University. Hillary is also a yoga & meditation teacher, and a 4th generation bee-keeper. 

Rev. Dr. Hillary D. Raining