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Japanese Animism in the Age of Alchemy Between IRL and URL Worlds

Broadcast on August 18, 2022
With Tada Hozumi
Hosted by Mike Morrell

Tada Hozumi believes for our era, "connecting Heaven and Earth through the Human," necessarily includes the blending of online and on-land spirits through the development of a new decentralized open-source spirituality. In this informative session, you will also have an opportunity to be immersed in a beautiful somatic practice and learn about the Hozumi family and its legacy in Japanese animism

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Tantric syncretism and the complex multilayered cultural reality of local deities and animist emperors in Japan
  • Japanese customs for finding a romantic match, both guided by spirits, and in connection with the land
  • Digital modern communication technologies that have opened new ways of connection beyond "analog" 
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Tada Hozumi

Mystical Researcher

Tada Hozumi is a philosopher, artist, and spirit worker of Japanese ancestry living in the diaspora, mostly in Vancouver BC Canada. He was born to a body that reads as male but his deepest spiritual algorithm is female and always has been. He is also on the autistic spectrum and is a childhood sexual abuse survivor. The development of his practice has incorporated exploration of these facets. He is probably most well known for innovating an open-source framework for collective healing in order to distinguish it from adjacent yet different politicized somatics work.

Tada Hozumi