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{"54986":"The Wild Heart of the Women Mystics","55425":"From Fear to Freedom: A Path to Gratitude and Inner Peace","54985":"Mysticism and Oracle Cards: Harnessing the Power of Divination","55267":"The Pathless Path, The Mystic Way","55403":"The Mystical Journey to Attain Enlightenment and Happiness","55017":"All Heaven Will Break Loose: A Course in Miracles Primer","55189":"The Spiritual Foundations of Healing","55126":"Heretical, Psychedelic, Hybridistic, Kabbalistic Jewish Mysticism: Embodying Multiple Realms","56568":"A Crash Course in Mysticism","55476":"The Sufi Path of Sacred Presence","54983":"The Oceans and Waves of Mystic Bliss and How to Access Them","56573":"Jewish Mysticism and Healing the Broken Vessels","55169":"The Aramaic Jesus: Unearthing a Native Middle Eastern Lineage of Mystics","55493":"Psychedelics and Mysticism","56522":"Eros and Impermanence: A Collaboration of Nature, Creativity and the Mystical","55290":"Experiencing Oneself as Cosmic Creativity","55301":"The Unio Mystica According to Otto Rank, Julian of Norwich, Meister Eckhart, Mary Oliver & Others","54834":"Radical Regeneration: Sacred Activism and the Renewal of the World","54982":"Into the Heart of Devotion: Embodied Sacred Practice as a Path for Connection to the Divine","56390":"Mystical Poetry Hour","55090":"Mysticism in Movies","55302":"The Mysticism of Sound and Nature","56389":"Rumi and the Radical Path of Love","54788":"Beyond Belief: Perennial Wisdom at the Mystic Heart of the World's Religions","55463":"The Infinite Everyday: Zen and \u201cOneness\u201d","55132":"Mysticism in Music","55251":"Julian of Norwich and Healing the Split Between Our Heavenly and Earthly Selves","55396":"Ground Your Spirituality in Your Body","54954":"The Angelic Realm and the Mystic Within","55429":"The Spirit of Peace","56557":"Indigenous Medical Mysticism","56525":"The Way of the Mystics and the Journey Into the Divine","56384":"The Mystical Path to the Heart of God","56569":"Harmonizing Humanity and Unveiling the Power of Diversity in Music and Life","55506":"Seeding the Healed Future","54981":"Embodying Grace in Every Moment: What Does it REALLY Take to Actualize Your Deepest Prayers Where it Matters Most?","55052":"The Mysticism of Paramahansa Yogananda - Yogananda's World Legacy in the Transmission of Ever-New-Joy!"}
{"54986":"Mirabai Starr","55425":"Thomas H\u00fcbl","54985":"Colette Baron-Reid","55267":"Michael Meade","55403":"Gangaji","55017":"Pam Grout","55189":"James Finley, PhD","55126":"Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson","56568":"Robert Holden","55476":"Dr. Fawzia Al-Rawi","54983":"Dr. William Bloom","56573":"Rabbi David Ingber","55169":"Neil Douglas-Klotz, PhD","55493":"James Twyman","56522":"Day Schildkret ","55290":"Brian Thomas Swimme","55301":"Matthew Fox","54834":"Andrew Harvey","54982":"Taya M\u00e2 Shere","56390":"Gabrielle Herbertson & Maya Luna","55090":"Barnet Bain","55302":"Maryam Hasnaa ","56389":"Omid Safi","54788":"Rabbi Rami Shapiro","55463":"Mushim Patricia Ikeda","55132":"Brenda McMorrow","55251":"Janna Gosselin, PhD","55396":"Banafsheh Sayyad","54954":"Sunny Dawn Johnston","55429":"Sheikh Ghassan Manasra ","56557":"Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest","56525":"Fr. Larry Gosselin","56384":"Hadar Cohen","56569":"Victor L. Wooten","55506":"Rebeccah L. Bennett","54981":"Miranda Macpherson (Rev) ","55052":"Nayaswami Premdas"}


The Mystics Summit is a 5-day online event taking place June 26-30.

Thousands of people like you from around the globe are gathering together to immerse themselves in the sacred wisdom of mystics past and present, gleaning insights from their poetry, ritual movement, stories, music, and meditations.

Throughout this inspiring summit, you’ll receive not only gems of wisdom from ancient mystics, but also powerful practices demonstrated by contemporary mystics that can support you to drop into your own essence.

You’re invited to discover how you can unlock your own ecstatic internal guidance, satisfying your desire to reconnect in a mystical union with the Divine

You’ll be in good hands with summit hosts James Twyman, an Episcopal priest and founder of Namaste Village in Ajijic, Mexico… and Taya Mâ Shere, host of the Jewish Ancestral Healing podcast and co-founder of Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute.

Enjoy this illuminating summit!